Banning, CA: Market Night Returns

Posted by on Jun 20, 2020 in Events | No Comments

Banning Chamber of Commerce held their first Banning Market Night since the Coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of such large public gatherings. By all appearances yesterday’s event was a success: Most wore face coverings as mandated due to a recent spike in Covid-19 cases and appeared to enjoy being able to escape their homes for something pleasurable, not simply necessary, such a trip to a store buy groceries and of course toilet paper.

I used the event to get out to make some new contacts and flex my photo muscles. Except for a six-week stint as an essential worker in an Amazon warehouse during half of April and most of May, and occasional trips for groceries and home improvement supplies, I too have pretty much stayed home these last few months. As a result, haven’t picked up a camera much, so it felt good to sling a couple over my shoulders, meet some new people and exercise my photo eye again.

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