Banning, CA: Men At Work

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Some good news, some bad.

First, the bad news: Two palms in my backyard were deemed by the HOA to be encroaching on neighboring properties.

Now, the good news: I didn’t like the trees anyway. They were dirty and required too much maintenance considering how little shade they provided. Ultimately they will be replaced by a trio of citrus trees.

Lucky for me, tree trimmers are considered “essential workers” during this ongoing Coronavirus scare, so I was able to¬† hire Mike’s Tree Service to come out and remove the the two palms without any issue.

I don’t recall seeing a group of men, including Juan Munoz, who scampered up a ladder to top the trees and cut them down in sections, while the rest of the crew hauled them away, enjoy their work as much as this crew did.

Men at work have always been a favorite subject, so I took advantage of the situation to make a few pictures.

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